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Infinite adventure in the most fun park of Utrecht. That's Parque West. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or you just want to relax in the green scenery, Parque West is the place to be. A climbing park or free fall: in the green there is plenty for everyone to experience.

What started over twenty years ago with an innocent visit to an old linseed oil and animal feed factory has now become a household name in Utrecht, Enschede, and Kalkar. The DeFabrique Holding has grown since then and now includes seven leisure and event locations as part of its expansion. No matter which place you visit, our goal remains the same: to provide an environment where people of all ages come together and create lasting memories. Our businesses are the center of memorable moments and endless laughter. And that laughter, that's what drives us!

Always surprising

We want to surprise and do things a little differently. Our ambitions are high. We set the bar high. At this moment so high that you can jump off it. Because: it's time for the next step. A new place in Utrecht full of adrenaline, fun and experience. The place for a day out. Meet Parque West. An adventure park with catering and various activities where you push your limits and make lasting memories together.

Parque West Always Surprising
Het Lint Maxima Park

Het lint: up & coming

Located in the heart of Leidsche Rijn and Vleuten-De Meern, The Lint is an unique area where nature and sports come together in an organic way.

The presence of Parque West is a great asset with the increasing number of families and children in the surrounding area. Solo adventurers as well as large groups are welcome, just like families. Kids parties and team outings are also highly suitable at this location. People of all ages are invited to explore the adventure of Parque West.

Infinite Adventure Parque West

One Parque, infinite adventure

Just like our other businesses, this location will continue to evolve. In the future, indoor and outdoor activities will be added to the park to create even more excitement for visitors. Imagine various adventurous activities and multiple restaurant options.

Swing by the restaurant and let yourself fall on the grass. We got you!

Nature’s Thrill Parque West

Nature’s Thrill

In harmony with the surroundings, the park is designed with respect for nature. By using natural and recycled materials, we are consciously building for the future.

The park consists of various locations where a variety of activities will take place. The highlight is the high ropes course with over a hundred obstacles. From there, you can experience a free fall, go ziplining, or climb to great heights. Thanks to the open design, even as a spectator on the terrace, you can feel the adrenaline and enjoy the spectacle unfolding high above you. Everything breathes adventure and excitement.

Meet the Team

Business Unit Manager

Jerrie Verleg

Linkedin Parque West

Operations Manager

Joost Essenstam

Linkedin Parque West

Product Manager Marketing

Evelien Alflen

Linkedin Parque West

Assistant Manager

Jeroen Witteveen

Linkedin Parque West

Assistant Manager

Bodhi van Deutekom

Linkedin Parque West

Head of Front Office

Rachel van den Ent

Linkedin Parque West

Floor Manager Hospitality

Vera Hutter

Linkedin Parque West

Chief Cook

Bipin Kc

Linkedin Parque West

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