The biggest climbing park of the Netherlands opens on the 27th of May

Adventurers, get ready for the ultimate climbing experience!

Adventurers, get ready for the ultimate climbing experience! On May 27, 2023, Parque West will open its adventurous courses in the biggest climbing park of the Netherlands. A day full of experience and climbing fun for people of all ages. Take a free fall, zipline along different routes or climb to great heights.

Full of adventure

The big, 25-meter-high climbing tower, with 91 adventurous and original obstacles, is the highlight of the park: a must-do for every climber. It's the perfect place to challenge your climbing skills and push your limits. And for those who dare, there's the free fall and 13 thrilling zip lines for the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

Climbing fun for all ages

The climbing park is not only a place for daredevils, but also for families and groups of friends looking for an unique adventure. Parque West offers climbing courses for every level. For the smallest climbers with a height of 90 to 129 centimeters, there is a special mini-parcours, where the younger generation can be introduced to climbing in a playful way. This also makes Parque West the most adventurous outing for kids parties, birthday parties and school trips.

Allart van Eck (co-owner DeFabrique Holding): "The climbing park is the first activity at our new Parque West location. In the next phase, the catering will be opened and in the future we have more unique activities in store!"

Are you ready for the ultimate climbing experience? 

The biggest climbing park in the Netherlands is easily accessible and offers free parking in front of the door. In addition, the park is also easily accessible by public transport or bicycle. More information and tickets can be found at:

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