New at Parque West

VR Shooting

Ready for more adventure? Step into another world with your friends! VR Shooting Adventure is for ages 10 and up and up to 8 people. Armed with VR goggles, headphones and guns, you will compete against or with each other. Explore a playing field of no less than 150 square meters and choose your own adventure on location. Which world will you discover?

Contagion VR 2150

A mysterious virus causes all colleagues to aggressively attack your team. The extraction team is on its way, but it will take another 15 minutes until they arrive! Can you survive until then? Discover the Contagion VR 2150 game!

Come work at the Kartfabrique, Parque West's big brother!

The Day After pt.1

In an apocalyptic world, where zombies reign supreme, you and your team must go to an abandoned villa to rescue another team. Once you arrive at the villa, the situation turns out to be slightly different than expected.... And together you do everything possible to survive.

The Day After pt.2

You have survived the battle at the villa! Now you arrive in an abandoned village and see an extraordinary light phenomenon. Curious, you set out together to investigate, hoping to discover the source of this apocalyptic world....

Food & Drinks Parque West

The adventure continues in our restaurant!

Food & Drinks

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am pregnant. Can I participate in the activities?

Unfortunately, climbing is not allowed if you are pregnant. However, you are welcome to watch and enjoy the surroundings!

What items should I remember to bring?

During your visit to Parque West, it is important to bring your identification and wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or open-toe shoes!). And of course.. don't forget to bring your good mood!

Are pets allowed?

You are not allowed to bring pets to Parque West. Assistance dogs and guide dogs are allowed. Please inform us in advance.

Is there a changing room available?

There is no changing room at Parque West. However, we do have restroom facilities.